Faculty Details

Teaching Staff

  • Mrs. S.Kalavathi, B.Sc., Headmistress
  • Mrs. P.Amutha, B.A., Asst. Headmistress
  • Mrs. N. Mohana, D.T.E.
  • Mrs. A. Sumathi, D.T.E.
  • Mrs. N.Thenmozhi, B.A.
  • Mrs. V.Hema Brindhaa, D.T.E., B.A
  • Mrs. P.Nesamalar, B.A.
  • Mrs. K.Radha, M.A., B.Ed.
  • Mrs. G.Hemalatha, M.A., B.Ed.
  • Mrs. B.Lilly Mary Josephine, B. Lit., B.Ed.
  • Mrs. N.Usharani, B.Lit.
  • Mrs. S.Pushpavalli, D.T.E.
  • Mrs. K.Vasanthi, D.T.E.

Non-Teaching Staff

  • Mrs. K.Manjula, M.com, D.E.Led.
  • Mrs. A.Jaidurga,B.B.A.

Supporting staff

  • Mrs. S.Valli
  • Mrs. M.Elwin
  • Mrs. K.Selvi

Noon Meals Staff

  • Mrs. S.Jayakirubai- Organiser
  • Mrs. K.Shanthi- Cook
  • Mrs. L.Mary- Helper

Co- curricular activities

Meetings are conducted every month by head of student council. In order to bring out the hidden talents of children we are conducting competitions and games where the potentials are duly awarded.

Meetings are conducted every week on Wednesday by the head of cubs and BulBuls. Here the Cubs and BulBuls learn about the life skills, discipline and patriotism.

Methods or disciplines prescribed, especially a series of postures and breathing exercises practiced to achieve control of the body and mind, tranquility, etc Yoga classes are conducted every week on Friday.

The surrounding conditions are ideal and encouraging. Pupils are entrusted to skilful, experienced and dedicated
lady teachers.